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Friday, December 10, 2010 || 2:44 AM

Exactly three more weeks before the beginning of a new year! Are you as excited as i am? Hahahahah! A new year beckons the arrival of new beginnings, friends, experiences & whats not ;)

Anyway, lying in front of me is a BIG PILE OF MESS. Maybe i should close my eyes so it would all go away. I hate dealing with messes (even if im the one who started it hehehehe) My dad came in and he nagged. My mother came in and she nagged. My sister wants to fucking punch me in the face already. I.... i see the mess also too sian to do anything. So many clothes scattered all over! That's because i'm packing for tomorrow's fleamarket! Me & solo's sharing a booth. So many bags how to drag there gosh...

Anyway my dad just reentered the room and bugged me to get my driving license. After exams, that's the first thing i'd do! WHEEE.

Hahahah guess what again, i receieved several fashion mags, Milan's, Paris's, runway, haute couture. Me loveeeeeee. But all these will be cast aside first for exams!
Visual merchandising & merchandising buying is slightly more interesting than chemical equations i guess. Even though i wouldnt mind practicing Emaths just for fun. Geeez, I miss doing emaths.

Yesterday, went over to peck's place. Before heading over though, went to raffles medical @ amk to consult a doctor of my on/off breathing problems & stuffiness in heart. It feels like as if i'm going under tremendous stress regardless of whatever i'm doing, whoever i'm with. Seriously affecting my life! Doctor says that i'm most probably suffering from gastric reflux. If after taking medication, i dont feel better, i would have to head back for a heart scan. Heart scan sounds really scary, just the thought of it makes me weak in the knees. Anyway the doctor's so funny.
Doct : Looking at your profile, my diagnosis for you would most probably be gastric reflux. A heart problem for someone your age will be very very unlikely.
Me: Gastric reflux? Haha this is so weird, i eat VERY WELL, i definately DO NOT skip meals. It doesnt sound very probable.
Doct: Nah, many people have this misconception that people who are eating well will not have gastric problems. The thing is, this can happen to almost anyone. It just means that your stomach is producing more acid than usual and the acid is travelling the opposite direction as it should be.
Me: Oh okay.....
Doct: And this can also be caused by overeating
Me: This sounds more probable...
Doct: Well, i hope everything goes smoothly. If it doesn't, you can always shedule another appt with me for a CT scan
Me: I really hope i dont have to see you again.
Doct: I hope so too !

Guess what, after consulting the doctor, i realized i didnt have enough cash so i called my 24/7 superhero (my mummy!!!!). She came all the way down to pay for me :'(

WHOAAAAAA i just remembered smthg! Just got hold of the sequel book of eat pray loveeeeeeeeee.
' A skeptic makes peace with marriage'


I just finished eating pizza, loveeeeee munching on the soft and chewy doughy crust against my tongue and teeth.
Steamboat at stitch's place in about 45mins? Hahahahahah! See what i mean by overeating. Shucksxzxzxxxxxxxx