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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Friday, December 24, 2010 || 10:56 AM

Festive seasons aren't all about giving& receiving something tangible. For me, it's more about making the effort to meet friends up, making time to send a lovely text. Most people don't really bother about the origins of these festive days, it's a nature call for friends to meet up, it's a convenient excuse to pig out & eat eat eat, drink drank & get yourself drunk.


baking with angel + jpot dinner w family + eski bar w 1r02 sweethearts :)

Baking w angel= waking at 7ish, falling back to sleep till the wake up sms jolted me awake, raided the fridge, prepared ingredients, expedite baking, shared youtube vids (hello tiger eyes), bitched lol.


Jpot dinner w family = heheheh the main highlight was the after dinner because mummy got me heels, wanted to buy some boots but i look mad fugly in it, should give the lovely footwear some credit by letting them rest in someone's wardrobe who has better legs and calves sculpted to fit their purpose :)

while heading to raffles place, harbourfront had this mad long queue which i bloody had to re-queue 4 times because of my ezlink card mis-match (x2) + insufficient value (x2) lol. I know you might be wondering, where the hell do i get so many cards from? Ask my mum, she's a hoarder of ezlink cards LOL. & why do i have to re-queue? Because i apparently didnt have the brains to ask my mum (who successfully tapped inside) for all the cards at once.

Anyway, i have no idea how the brains of my brother works, he solves puzzles in an instant, it's like, he just has to take one glance, and he knows which blocks are his obstacles and he knows how to maneuver them so that the coast will be clear. For me, i'm stuck till he comes to my aid.

eski bar = my health problems still forbids me to have any contact with alcoholic drinks.... so i erm had a virgin mojito (which cost 16.90$!) throat cutter! But it's nice to have some time spent with old friends (not theoretically but it feels that way!)