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Thursday, December 2, 2010 || 7:51 AM

Great thursday i've (7 more mins to the end of this wonderful day), casting aside the minute fact that i've skipped thurs lects (for the fourth time in a row). I'm feeling just a little guilty, but oh well, sleep's more important in the morning! & i'm not a morning person! I'll def make up by revising lect notes on my own! Wonder what i'm losing out though during lectures hmmmmm.

Receieved a random text from jean, she wanted to talk, so talking we did! She told me about her plans to skip uni, she wants to be a wanderer instead. She dreams about country hopping, something like a hippie but without the drugs/alcohol abuse. A decent hippie, mmmm i like how it sounds. Yknw, find a job wherever you go, nothing will be permanent, if things get too tough to swallow or if it gets too heavy, tough or boring, you switch. It's like, you're always on the move.

I give her my fullest support because i understand how it feels to have this zest for travelling, to get out of your safety boundaries and see what this vast world has to offer you. You cannot be stuck in a place for long, you lose your sanity, because we're dreamers, we do not settle for less when there is so much more out there for us.
You do not ask why you're doing this, but rather, why should you not do this?
Sick of being paved in the supposingly correct path everybody tells you since you're young, brainwashed, that every kid is supposed to graduate with paper qualifications. I agree with this to a certain extend. You do need paper qualifications if you're in Singapore. In other countries, it'd be a bonus. Of course, who doesnt want the easy way out when this is the norm everywhere else? Degree's mandatory, masters's brings you hope & PHD is the essential key to success.
Different human beings have different views and perspective about this particular word - Success.
So therefore, we deal with this differently. We search for this meaning in very different approaches. And in this case, she chooses to deal with it differently.
Life is definately a fight with others, but sometimes, you have to fight for yourself first. Fight for who you are, what you want in life, who you want to become.
Many might say this is impractical, but many have done it and what matters most is the experience they gain be it regrets they have to share or experiences which 9.9/10 will never get. Dream big dreams, at least you're rich in thoughts & heart :)
I've this hunch i'll be joining her someday, leading the life of a wanderer, & in this process, maybe you'll gain some insights. In fact, i'm pretty damn sure i will, & she will and who-ever is gonna do the same, will. Be it good or bad.

Unspeakable respect to those who dares to venture and have this giant leap of faith

But for me, i'd rather play it safe and do smthg to cushion the fall if things dont work out. I'm taking the safer route, it's A, then B for me. My ideal stroll is still to get a decent degree (hopefully overseas) upon graduation w my dip.


Guess who just called me?
Denise's back ;)