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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Sunday, December 5, 2010 || 9:16 AM

I've so many thoughts simultaneously running through my head in different directions, i do not know how to settle them down & break them down into words. I've been a little too emotional lately.

Last night, after work, stayed back & drank with a few friends. Had 7 tequila shots in a row, felt tipsy after that. Sorry xindi for grabbing your hair amongst other nonsense. Fell asleep in the cab, driver had to shake me awake.

Managed to wake up at 2 though to meet my stitchy stitch to clear some undone work :)

Had dinner at bar bar with jacqie, denise & min yi. Jacqie's finally free from slaving for her A's. Mental slaving isn't too bad actually :)
Got to know about the recent passing of a senior in secondary school. I remember waving hello and goodbyes to him along corridors. I feel kind of sad. Disappointed towards how life works.
How unfair life is. Of course, why do we not complain when good things beckons on our feet? You know, i am getting really skeptical about most things now. Even if something bright and cherry smacks me in the face, amongst the happiness and joy, i'll always carry this particular thread of sorrow because i know how life works - this too shall pass.
Therefore, i conclude in life, nobody should hold on so tightly to anything, or anyone. Because all things come and go, people change, feelings fade, things get broken, you love and then you forget. The human's heart is quite massive actually, we can love tons of people. Its only a matter of whether we want to. If you think you're so significant to somebody, think twice.
And how many times can you actually trust someone so whole heartedly?
How many people can you actually bear your heart to?

I dont know.

On a brighter note, thank you jacqie for giving me my belated bday prezzie - a pink passport holder! Thank you for this practical gift, i promise i'll use it & maybe it will serve as a goodluck charm when i travel in the future. Thank you for putting into consideration my new hobby, new love. Thank you my meticulous 6 years friend :)