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Busy converting oxygen to carbon dioxide
Monday, December 20, 2010 || 11:49 AM

Wow.... Putting the fact that bubbles do burst very beautifully aside, these pictures make me wanna invest in a good camera. To capture the little moments and the tiniest details in life. I appreciate the fact that there're some people who will actually stop in their tracks, look at broken seashells/shattered glass bottles and actually feel that they're artistic in a different manner. Imperfections are subjective :)
Some things are beautifully broken , & when they appear to be even more so when you look at the details which most will overlook :)
Went to peck's bf's house - max, & saw this awesome Eiffel tower made up of Lego! Quite intricately done, puzzled up by the hands of his house-mates i guess.
Talked to peck about this particular word I've always been afraid to use, because that word reflects weakness & insecurity. Because i can relate to that word so deeply i am afraid if i actually use it, it might pounce onto me. Guess what word it is? :)

NEWAY, I'm itching to spend! I need to spend !!!!!!!!


Anyway, these are picts from the FAILED nutella cupcake baking session with namesake.
The mix blossomed and exploded in the oven, overflowing, & destroying the look of how a natural cuppy will look like. Despite trying to clean up the bits & pieces stuck on the outer cuppy paper, it was still a huge mess and we both decided it was aesthetically dead. The only way we could think of to make it better looking is to layer the current cuppy paper with another. And guess what, during the gathering, everybody noticed and asked why we did what we did, & how they're supposed to eat while me & namesake just looked at each other and laughed. LOL.
But hey, in our defense, the cuppys tasted good! Erm, i think mainly because it's nutella, & how wrong can nutella go? Heee heeee ^_^

& both of us started eating the crumbs left on the pan with scissors (because i was too lazy to go get proper eating equipments - forks/spoons) & you know in life, we always have to learn to MAKE DO, and there were two scissors right in front of us, and within reach so yeah, hahahahaha. We're bringing friendship to a whole new level! I wouldnt mind eating with you again ms jacqie with scissors, in a restaurant, in a kopitiam, my house, your house or whereever ;)