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All journeys have secret destinations which the traveler has yet to unveil
Monday, January 17, 2011 || 7:47 AM

OH! Open House.
On a lazy saturday, me, denise, desiree & their mum went to check out this particularly
intriguing event which is held biennially. Basically this non-profit organization groups rounded up 12 designers to work on 6 flats in Marine Parade. Kudos to the owners who were generous enough to open up their cosy houses for inquisitive people to poke their noses in.
I can't help but think of it as an invasion of privacy (but i couldnt be more bothered even though i was one of the many intruders :\)
But of course, they got themselves a free revamping of different artistic ways mostly done
via the traditional manually panting style.

With the rain dampening the entire mood, & rainwater entering my soles, I was kind of ... put off but it was all worth it. Eye opening experience as denise puts it :)

Vietnamese Inspired painting. Portraying the bad days.
Apparently when you head to this particular country, plastic chairs like these would be lined up almost everywhere on the streets so the chairs = commoners.
Rain always reflect disaster, especially when this is a downpour.

A curtain was put up and we have to view the mini 'performance' the lady was putting up through the eyelets. I like how the furniture is being arranged!!!!!

Ingenious la. Flooring is actually mirrors. So on the ceiling, they place their furniture upside down. So we have to like look down to see the clear picture.
Visual interest.


At work. They needed extra people to help out so I asked Jean & finally, that princess had her first working bubble burst ;)
She brought along her camera, so after closing, I started snapping out of boredom.
I love pictures which reflect the macro effect.

'Kafka on the shore', I'll feast on you ;)