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Saturday, January 8, 2011 || 8:22 AM

Right. The days are shuffling past without me grasping them much. These few days I seem to float through the passage of time feeling like as if I'm not really involved.
Too much sleep's (caused by a lack of sleep, see the irony?) been fogging my head.
School started last week. Didnt have classes for 2 days, skipped 2days, & went to school for a measly one hour for the other.
I feel like as if my head's rotting, my energy level is within my means of reach & it feels quite like shit.
Been having insomnia lately, I need to go google for some home remedies because I don't really appreciate the idea of sleeping at 5 & waking at 3.
It feels like a shitload of my time is being consumed by whatever we spend 1/3 of our alive time doing.

So anyway, next week's gonna be a great week I hope. Seriously i need to get this sleep disorder sorted out. I'm actually quite worried about meeting stitch at 11am tmwr because I have no idea what time my eyelids will relent for some shuteye.
I'm a big sleeper, always have been.

Anyway, great day today @ homeclub's flea. Crowd wasn't good, but great fun with the girls, hanging around, talking nonsense, doing silly stuffs & basically just goofing.

Heehee, bought a furry cuff for 17$! It's the most expensive cuff I've ever bought. But it's mad pretty! Set my eyes on them the first time i saw it. While the seller was wrapping it up for me, 2 other girls wanted to buy it too! & it's not very common people'd pay 17$ for a cuff...
Go figure hehehee ;)
Stitch's gonna mad love it too!

I still can't believe sol's the artist for this lollll.
Hahahah i requested for A BIG SLICE OF LEMON, and they really gave us a fucking BIG WEDGE. Doesn't really reflect on the picture, but it's HUGE! Looks so hilarious compared to the small shot glass.
While working, the other bar was having some after wedding party. The guests were playing with some sparklers and they look so happy I just had to take a picture of it :}

6 more mins to 1AM, needa go sleep. Please please please, let me sleep!