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Sunday, February 6, 2011 || 10:01 AM

Haven't had much sleep lately.
There's so much bitterness, jealously, self destruction & selfishness around me lately.
So many couples are breaking up. So many people are facing the hard truth of someone who was once their everything, and then now, nothing.
From everything, to nothing.
So many of my friends are stranded, their safety coast far away from them, their sail boats drifting further and further. It's in sight, but you can't get hold of it, & you're constantly fighting the current of overwhelming emotions.
Do you know that it's scientifically proven that heartbreaks last for only 5 seconds?

How much can friends help? Only to a certain extend, we can preach, hammer sense in the hard or soft way, but ultimately, it boils down to each individual's level of acceptance and forgiveness.

Quoting from Mr Fizz,
When you're single, all you see is happy couples. But when you're attached, all you see is happy couples.

For all who are facing any heartaches, heartbreaks of any sorts, remember to gently nudge your heart, and ask them to lift their heavy heads up.

When you feel that it's time to let go, let go. Cliche as it might sound, who is yours, will always be yours. The fact that it is cliche proves the credibility of it :)
And remember everything takes two hands to clap, if you feel you've done your part, then it's time for you to open your eyes and see if the other party is doing the same as well.
If everything still fails in the end, at least you are able to say,
at least i've tried my best and done my part

One day, the other party will realize that they've missed the moon while counting the stars.
And by then, regretting will never be part on your list because it's somebody's else job to worry about that.

Plus, constantly trying to find distraction doesn't help in the long run. You have to grap the problem by the neck, place it in front of you and brave yourself for it.

And don't worry, there is always a season for everything. After rain comes the rainbow. After winter comes spring. After every heartbreak comes acceptance and maturity.


Yesterday night was a night filled with tears & cramps from laughing too much :}
Today I met my miss tall, tanned and lovely.
Catching up over a cup of coffee, we always do it the classic way.
Thank you for thinking about me even when you're out of town, &
Thank you for being so special to me, I love you buns.

'i miss those nights when we'll have heart to heart talks, it's a cheap excuse to go through my life story from other person's mouth. And the silences, are filled, from the soulful eyes. We understand what each other are saying even without having to converse. And we understand how it's like to be human, thats why we forgive. And thats why you're so special to me'