"Jacqueline Koh
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011 || 8:11 AM

Timecheck : 12.11AM, Location : Changi Airport T2
Mood: Fucking sleepy and lazy
Duties: Complete 2 papers
Reality: None ticked off the checklist yet.

This week has been an emotional wrecking one, humans as we are.
Enough said, right?
Kai very nicely gave me time off the event company I'm working to allow me to concentrate on my studies as exams are coming up in a week.
Never had a time to give my messed up brain and heart a rest, it's constantly filled with overspilling thoughts, and whats not.

I think the greatest mistake is to have my guard put down, letting an invader invade the only part of myself I can protect. The walls i've been building for a long time, why was it knocked down? Fucking hell. I feel mad at myself.
I should stop giving bits and pieces of myself to people who are obviously not worth it.
Open up? For fuck's sake, prove that you're worth it first.

2011 isn't that great afterall. Bring back 2010 anytime please.

Was in TTSH to consult a gastric specialist , went there alone. It's nice to silently absorb an environment which is filled with emotions of both ends, - grief & joy.
The two extreme ends of the world's most feared, and the world's most delightful experience
People dying, babies being welcomed into the world.
Can you picture me sitting delightfully yet with a hint of sombre-ness having my pastries, enjoying my lukewarm soyabean milk?
I was eavesdropping on a conversation two surgeons had.
They were discussing/debating about local anesthesia.
And i bumped into a friend who is interning there.
Reminds me of Grey's Anatomy :}

When i was walking to the toilet, I saw this woman giving me a straight face, and suddenly i saw beads of tears rolling down her cheek.
I wonder.
Impactful sight. I wonder.

Denise's heading back to Aussie for her uni again, summer break's over.
Dined with her & angel at Rose Verenda, the place i swear by ;)
Awesome, as usual.
Got into her bf's jeep, the ruggard and bigger than life feeling immediately crept into my skin, and i swear i'd be the girl on this earth, who will be ruling with my pair of Louboutins zipping around in my jeep, over deserts, mountains, tracks, offroad exploring.