"Jacqueline Koh
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011 || 5:13 AM

I never expected Tuesday to be one of the more eventful days
amongst the 6 others.

When i was in the pool, the cold water tickling my nerves,
as i shivered silently, I looked up to the sky, and i saw
a pack of birds, flying in a herd across the lovely blues and white .
So limited, the view, from my eyes.

I thought of the word faith, birds relate to the word faith personally.

Swam a few laps, stopped to rest for abit. Head facing up,
the sun seemed to switch it's position, suddenly, it was just
right above me, I closed my eyes and let the rays lingered on my face.

Wonderful. And i thought, it's wonderful to be alive.

Underwater, my trail of thoughts found their way back to
days where me & peck would snorkel and dive. I tried to find back
the calm and peaceful feeling, but failed to do so.
Probably it's because when i look up, or beside me, there are concrete
walls. Walls are barriers. And when i look down, the cement floor
doesn't have a striking resemblance of the sky.
When i tried to hear, i could only hear the sound of metal rubbing
against metal.

Swam some more laps.

Peck's leaving sg in 2 months time, to look and settle for
a life somewhere else. Some people can only make it overseas.
I understand. Her love for freedom far exceeds love for anybody and anything else.
I also know that when her quest for venturing
dies down, she will continue and hop on to somewhere else.
And i'll join her. When i'm ready.
But... i'm sad.