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i was a spy today
Saturday, March 19, 2011 || 9:05 AM

Sick of the feisty fight back routine, sick of my own character. I am very displeased with my set of rationalizations, it's passed off as one having their own bubble of logic or reasoning conditioned under circumstances in actual fact, but what is reflected of me bounced into other's eyes always doesnt seem to be how they grasped it.... I'm too blunt. Too blunt for my own good. I never liked to candy coat my words.
I hate the lilliputian pinch of paralysis which comes fleeting a little too much when i speak on my part...

Woke up at 8ish this morning for TAB's event, havent felt the sun flowing in my windows onto my skin for some time. My bodyclock's usually 10 or 11ish. The morning air seems a little fresher, it's as though it's scented by the previous night.

Supper yesterday, the conversation i had landed me into a serene state of deja vu.

My dad just announced to me that an earthquake hit NZ, tried googling it but couldnt find any results. If it's for real, it'd be all over the internet isn't it...
My cousin's studying there, Adam's picking apples and milking cows there. Please, let NZ be safe...

I don't believe in the myth of 2012, but looking at how the world is, icebergs melting, Highly destructive earthquakes tolling in a monthly basis, humans dying of malnutrition, tsunamis, temperature rising a little too steadily, children dying of cancer, nuclear plants erupting... Forecasts tell us that more earthquakes would be happening, and volcanoes would erupt in a chain order.

They say Singapore is safe but i think one day all mankind would be wiped out like how dinosaurs did a long time back. And this makes my stand as a non believer of 2012 waiver.
It's scary.

Back to basics?