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End March- Bkk
Saturday, April 2, 2011 || 10:12 AM

Alright, so here it goes.
A blog is supposed to be an online dairy of happenings in life right? But I've been using it to store emotional thoughts. Haven't been keeping track of what I've been doing, who I've been hanging out, bla bla because it would be too much of a routine to do that, and i hate routines.
But this post is an exception, because this particular getaway had been so heart tickling, much joy, and thinking about it makes my heart quite heavy. But they say you will only feel this way because you've really enjoyed the quality time spent with the right people.

This trip consisted of : Yion, Dickson, Joshua, Rebecca, Jasreel, Fedelis, Serene, Alicia, & Ryan.
Dickson's friend, Alexxx (lol triple X) brought us around to all the fucking wonderful places for nom noms. It's really fucking awesome to head to non commercialized places since Bkk is really quite a hot site for people to shop, eat and party.
Oh, but there really isn't a reason why they wont head there.

So, every single time I travel, to where-ever, the first thing which never fails to awe struck me would be the view out of the airplane, the beautiful clouds. If i'm taking a ferry ride, it'd be the seemingly endless sea view. Nature at work, at it's best ;)

So this is the hotel we stayed in. It's a small hotel, cosy and comfortable enough :}
It's really convenient for the restless& hungry pack because a 7-11 is suited a stone throw's away, and a night market happens everyday just a few minutes away via cab. And, there was a fun fair happening nearby upon further exploration. Old school~

Grabbed some bites, their chicken cutlet rice tastes quite the same as biz park's though. Their chilli is definitely better though, I can eat it alone with rice just like that ;)
Our shopping spots on the 1st day: Platinum Mall, & after that, we headed to this Cafe Del Mar look alike place for dinner and to just chill. They have a fucking awesome band playing. We just saaaaaang sanggg sang along~

Cafe Del Mar Alike Place

Day 2 :
Shopping: Chatuchak
Crazy shopping spot. 15,000 shops. I think the length of it is quite alike to a 20 football fields put together, it is FUCKING INSANE SHOPPING!!!! And they don't only sell clothes, they have sections for pets (which they sell snakes, monkeys, scorpions, rats, porcupines & more!). They have a special section for vintage second hand items as well. Art section as well. It's fucking crazy, trust me. Crazy with a captial C with an exclamation mark at the back! Shoppers should dedicate at least 2 days for it. Or maybe 3, or 4. Seriously!!!!!
Ryan, Jasreel, Serene all brought along their china bags to pack their shopping loots. All the shoppers there kinda look like suppliers, because they are bringing such a huge stash back! *faints*

Animals galore. Even the wild becomes tame.

Alexxx bought 3kg i think of sand for his pet snake. We (Yion, Dickson, Alexxx& Me) orh ya pei ya som in the middle of nowhere to decide who should carry it. Fucking 3 kg, like weights already please! In the end, Dickson's the unlucky one. We were on our way to meeting the rest while he was carrying the 3kg load, and whenever I wanted to stop to look at clothes (Hello, 100 bhat very tempting okay! 4$ for really pretty clothes leh!!!!), he'd be like NOOOOOO.
It was damn funny lah!

Lol. So one's carrying the sand, another carrying the rat, to feed ZE snake, called Apple -___-

At the fun fair!

3rd Day: Siam Sq, Chinatown, Khao San (Wo ai!!! I love!!!) & Huai Hwang
In chinatown, had their sharksfin & bird nest. It's authentic & cheap in Thailand! Gao gao one!

In Khao San. My favourite place! Why? Because everything is so FUCKING CHILL THERE! And i love how the people are like there, sit by roadside braid hair& massage, aspiring djs burning their own records and selling them, LOTS of boho shops, second hand book stores...Me love...

Thailand Pride
HAHA. I could totally remember our conversation
Dickson: NO!!!!!
Oh yes, you are shopping but i'm having a FUCKING MASSAGE BEAT THAT

Please be more discreet!!!!!!

So after a long day of shopping, can you see the sky is already dark from the last picture? We still headed to Huai Hwang, the night market just a stone throw away from the hotel room to shop. Didn't really get any loots there, but all the girls, except for me, got either a manicure or pedicure, all super cute and nice designs! Didnt got my nails done because I just wanted to head back and sleeeeeeeeeeeeep and rest so bad. We split into two smaller grps, went to different places, but still the shoppes were lacking in staff, so yeah, took a reallyyyyyy long time and while the guys were waiting, they played pool. Really patient of them. *respect!*

Ladies and gentleman, await for the BEST EVER CHICKEN WINGS. I was skeptical about it till i tried it......................
And it's cheap.

Mark their faces

Thailand's arcade games aren't easy. 'Spot the difference game' LOL! It's really quite tough!
We hit the record leh don't play play hor!

She's pretty! Right??? :D

Joshua was waiting till he fell asleep too....
But the results were awesome! Check it out! :>

Day 4: Siam Sq& BBQ Dinner

And, the last day...
Next time, I will buy a one way ticket :'(

There was a day, can't remember which, we boarded the taxi and because he had to direct the other cabby which was filled with the other group of Bkk team mates, he was too engrossed in his driving he didnt realize that he used the phone upside down! Hahahahahah! Damn funny, we were all laughing so badly :\
Bkk taxis can take up to 6 people!
Anddddddd there was another cab driver who kept staring at Alexxx's implants, so much till we were damn scared he wouldnt lang ga. His eyes fixated on his hand -> 80%, on the road -> 20%. Hilarious!
Everyone seems to think I'm from Northen Thailand!
Sawa deeee kaaaa, Ka poon kaaaa !!!!!

Lastly, my shopping loots! These clothes are way prettier in real life okay! Pictures don't give them credit! XD

So total damage, food, transport & shopping --> 400$.
Reasonable enough! :>
Accommodation and pair of air tixs --> 350$

& to Miss Jacqueline Choo if you're reading this,
Thank you love
Everybody's complimenting about my pretty passport holder you got me.

Now it's time to save for the next trip! Mummy has plans to head to Philippines end of year. Guess I'll join them, but I'll be buying a one way ticket. Will be wandering with probably Taffy or Clovie. Tioman & HK's on the list too!

I'm going to get down to routine exercise again! Swam 10 laps the day before, felt SO FUCKING GOOD. Am gonna swim 10 laps tomorrow again! Gambatteeeeee to myself! :}