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Monday, April 25, 2011 || 7:26 AM

You know realizations and thoughts come in the most bizarre manners, and hits you at the most unexpected of times?
While i was crossing the road, I saw this old man, and i thought, somebody loves him. It could be his wife, his grandchildren, his children, just somebody. And i saw this young teenage boy with deeply scarred acne. And I thought, somebody loves him. It might be his mother, his girlfriend, just somebody. And as i made my way to my intended destination, I just kept looking out for people, and thinking the exact same thoughts.
It's beautiful, really ;)

Anyway, you know it's a good book when you just can't put it down.
This time round, fate allowed me to chance upon this wonderfully, honest book which discusses things many people find taboo. It's downright straightforward, and many of the spine chilling paragraphs reminds me of conversations I always have with peck. It's no wonder I texted her right away, to share with her this paperback goodness.
The road less travelled - Dr M Scott Peck

I always wanted to keep an idea book of my own, a personal book for me to decorate with meaningful quotes, chunks of words strung too beautifully from books, pictures which seem to have a gleam of thought behind the measly paper or screen, ideas blossoming like flowers in the magnificent yellow sky. And guess what, after years of wanting to do so, I finally, bought the book.

TP's having this overseas trip to Indo to help revamp two retail stores there.
Apparently they only have got one shopping mall in that particular area we're heading to.
Should i, or should i not?

I love Enya, her music keeps me on a constant calm :}