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Sunday, May 22, 2011 || 9:13 AM

Slapped on pricky heat powder before heading out, I'd rather be seen in patches of white than to endure the sweltering heat. Seriously, it's too much for me to handle. Made me grumpy too!
Aaaah vendors who signed up for events, please please please dont take your own sweet time to payyyyyyy :(
Makes my admin work so frustrating. Even though I can fully understand it's just a human thing to feel secure only to hand over monetary debts at the end of the route. I'm like this too, but when I am the one doing the admin work, PAY UP!!!!!

Sidetracking, I still can't believe there's someone who earns, 3k.
So it's about 90k/ month?
He can say and literally mean ' My pay check will be going to a new Lexus!'

Came across this quote from one of the most amazing (because of his avant garde style of performing) theatrical actor - Samuel Beckett
' Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.'
His famous style of performing - repetition is deemed weird, crazy and boring by many (I caught a teacher sleeping through one 'inspired by Beckett' performance.
And i thought, this dude is fucking crazy.
And fucking boring.
And everyone else seemed to think that way too. And everybody grumbled about this fucking crazy performance.
But you know what, this style of theatre, influenced by him, is one of the only two performances I can remember amongst the rest I've seen.
To be honest, 60 mins, broken down into 4 or 5 different sets, each set portraying one or two characters doing the same thing over and over again is actually very very fascinating.
And it gives me the creeps.
The kind of creep which will leave me thinking, after the entire day.
And to think about it, his portrayal of human life actually very brutally honest.
Repetition - reflects how Beckett views human culture, and he is damn bloody courageous to launch such a style - 'Theatre of the Absurd'
Kudos to this man.


Was using the other computer to do events stuff, and my brother's msn is on. Check out the conversation I had with his friend.
Hwa Chong students.....

(Click to enlarge)
Would love to revisit econs sometime soon ;)


Sigh, I should remind myself that I shall not, will not, and must not hurt others along the way to getting what I want.
Karma's a bitch, if you're.
And i think i believe in this what goes around, comes around philosophy of life.