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Wednesday, June 29, 2011 || 4:31 AM

It's funny how Hotel California reminds me of Lombok, & how Tokyo Drift reminds me of Thailand.

Monday, June 27, 2011 || 11:19 PM

Some interesting articles which I came across & would love to share ...

1. Fitness First Busstop Scale Ads
Fitness First's idea of putting on weighing scales on bus stop seats.
Embarrassing much?

2. Charles & Keith & LVMH has became sole mates.

Charles & Keith, is own partly owned (20%) by French Luxury giant Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH)
Some brands under LVMH: Louis Vuitton, Celine, Givenchy, Tag Heuer, Fendi, etc...
Okay surprisingly, Sephora is also under LVMH.
Mmm, food for thought.
Anyway, some pictures of Charles & Keith's posters and advert materials ...

And now, take a look at Gucci's & LV's ads...

Don't they portray a striking resemblance in terms of the image of the brand?

3. Do you know that in France, sales promotions are only limited to two months?
Specifically, January & August.
If retailers are to hold sales promo in other months besides these two, it'd be considered illegal.

4. Stop eating Chicken Mcnuggets.
Read this :

|| 4:18 AM

Much love to my new batik kaftan like top!

Allrighto! Gonna go for a short run, before heading back to get a project done!

Saturday, June 25, 2011 || 11:57 PM

Listening to classical music while doing individual assignment.
Hopefully this will stimulate some of my brain cells.
Guess who got hold of the latest Jodi Picoult novel?

Sunday, June 19, 2011 || 9:11 AM

Christopher Kane must have a really colorful soul and brains, (maybe his childhood snack was fruit loops), transforming and compacting colors of the world, swirling them together to create a perfect mix.

Everytime I see a piece of his creation, it reminds me of a natural disaster, taking a disguised and beautiful form, almost pushing me to believe that the destruction of volcanoes are worth this amazing visual impact. Meteors, Galaxies, Star bursts, Eruptions, Smoke, Ash.

Nature and tragedies portrayed in an absolutely different form.
I believe you can actually frame his creations and sell them as artworks.

He must have brains like this:

Stunning. Every piece is stunning by themselves.
I don't like the shoes though, not much of a personal liking to furry stuffs.

Saturday, June 18, 2011 || 12:57 PM

I have no idea why some people feels so comfortable flirting around.
Do they gather a sense of self welled pride when they do so?
Do they feel good?
I really do not understand.
Fuck, if i say anything which has to remotely be associated with romance, I must really have feelings for that someone. I have tried to flirt before, but I felt damn bad. Not because I am leading someone on, I felt bad for myself. I felt extremely disgusted and annoyed. At myself.
These are the people who drastically lowers the initial meaning of certain words, or the impact of sentences or words which -90% of the ears should hear, or hearts should feel.
Words become so bloody cheap because of people like you guys.
Words become so worthless till Chris Medina came up with 'What are words' to slam them in your faces.

Like... this scenario
Male: *passes me a chocolate*
Me: Thanks
Male: *passes me another chocolate* No, this one, I feed you.
Can i feed you?
Me: ..... What the fuck?

Or like, people who isn't even close to me texting me, saying they miss me.
Fuck off.
Fuck very very far away from me.
These are the people who probably have a group contact called, maybe 'People I flirt with'. And under this group, they probably have like, 30 names, and when they feel lonely, or bored, they will mass send a text which says something like.
'Hi... How are you? I miss you. Do you miss me?

Gosh, please, start to be true to yourself.

Anyway, on a much much much much much much much lighter note,
I think i.... am starting to ....

It's 4.40AM & I gotta wake @ 8AM to meet Jeff to rockclimb.
Now the question is.........

Friday, June 17, 2011 || 8:54 PM

Every bad experience will eventually turn out to be the best experience.

Thursday, June 16, 2011 || 8:30 AM

Lusting for Zara's green heels. It has gold stilettos. GOLD STILETTOS. Mmmm.
But sigh it's so costly, more expensive than my entire outfit put together.
Impulse shopped @ MAC while waiting for my tall tanned gorgeous babe. Bought a mascara. The lady had beautiful makeup on. Fucking good color combination and blending of the eyeshadow. Gorgeous.
Bought a pair of red stilettos, & my sis just gave me her Aldo's black ones which she hasn't even worn before. Great, it'd be perfect if I have a shoe cabinet of my own.
Eyeing this particular Zara's white silk top & orange dress.

These days, I think i 'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.
too much heaven.

I think I'll need to stop work for awhile after this week, and after I'm back from my comm trip. I need some time for my friends, for getting my exercising route back on track (Rock climbing & blading I'M BACK FOR U!), and some time for myself, to chill in bookstores and libraries. Miss that. Need some time to restore myself.

I think I did pretty allright for the final interview.
It helps that the interviewer's really friendly, and we were actually laughing throughout the half an hour.
*crosses fingers*
*crosses fingers*
*crosses fingers*


Tuesday, June 14, 2011 || 8:29 AM

Whenever I hear this, it reminds me of morning because ...
this is my alarm ring tone.
But it's a good tune to wake up to isn't it? ;)

|| 5:10 AM

The song I love to put my ipod on replay till it annoys the shit out of peck.
Guess she'd know.
The few songs i will actually listen from start to end.
while watching the gorgeous view outta the train window, single details of train cabins and train tracks as we zipped from one city to another.
Orange yellow rising sun.


Grandmother just got discharged from the hosp today, heard from aunt that she created drama in the hosp ytd night. Because she just got a hip op, nurses wheeled her to the aisle so that they'd be able to cater to her needs and look after her better. My grandmother was very displeased because she finds it improper to be exposed to the patients and people walking to and fro while she's sleeping.
There was some miscommunication problem as well, and she punched the nurse, and walked back to her bed by herself.
Other patients wont be able to walk independently after a hip op.
She could, and she's 82.


'When's your birthday?'
'I was born in 1977'
'When is it?'
'I was born on a Tuesday.'

Monday, June 13, 2011 || 6:46 AM

The best way is to look around, consider your options, then do the thing
which gives you the biggest knots in your stomach. Notice what scares
you most, then grab life with both sweaty palms.

Please excuse me while i chase my dreams.

Saturday, June 11, 2011 || 10:12 PM

Cycling, down streets.

/ Gonna head for my fav ban mian! Time for some facial too, clearing away the evidence of stress I've been facing for mid sem test week ;)

Friday, June 10, 2011 || 8:32 AM

Good evenin' darlings!
Lemon Tree's tune is stuck in my head right now,
such a spirit lifting song ;)

Cleared my wardrobe, gave away 1 pair of slingback sandals & a pair of Adidas amongst many many many clothes to my younger cousin who was over from Msia for a visit.
As I was digging my shoe rack and closet, I uncovered many many pairs of heels I bought when I was in secondary school. Was very into the strap details, not anymore.
And I questioned myself, why was I so into strap details?!?!?!
Because it looks complicated maybe? O.O
I have 11 pairs of heels, frequenting only 2 or 3.
That's weird, why do i have so many pairs of heels when I'm always in slippers?
I should have 11 pairs of slippers and 2 or 3 pairs of heels!
I guess there's a satisfaction when there is mass, numbers count, (pun intended LOL)

Bought a red maxi skirt, to do some colorblocking.
Bought some fanciful paper and some glue as well, am preparing to make a card for a very special lady. I never had the artistic genes in me. When I draw, people scoff and laugh. Trust me. But I hope this wouldn't end up too bad :\
Grandmother's going to stay with my family, I'm pretty excited to talk to her more often, and take care of her :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011 || 9:35 AM

My life might not be perfect,
but the people around me are ;)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 || 9:44 AM

It looked like spikes of ice in the cold, lost frozen sea.
Now it looks like grass, in the plain wilderness.

I love having quality conversations.
Yet another round, with my uncle & my brother.
I have always known milk as a great agent for relieving gastric discomfort. But today, I understood how it worked, and that it serves as a short term relief, and that the first batch of milk from cows expedite the healing process.

I always thought chicken legs contains clumps of fat, but it's actually full of collagen.

And cartilage against cartilage is 10 x more slippery than ice on ice.

Bypass surgery harvests leg veins O.O


Package of love.

Anyway, was studying in the lib and there was this crowd of students sitting beside me.
And i thought it was alright for them to discuss their work so long they do not disrupt other people's thought processes by keeping their volume down since 90% (beside that 10% of annoying oranges) of the people there were either reading or studying.
But their voices got louder and LOUDER AND LOUDER.
and there were more people, and more people AND MORE PEOPLE joining their orange gang.
They had notes on their tables, and they were discussing crap, like imitating how their teachers talk for like 5 minutes, then back to their notes for 3 minutes, then their nonsense for 5 other fucking minutes.
I seriously don't give two bloody hoots if they wish to disrespect their teachers, or even if they end up discussing about their friend making out with their friend's boyfriend.
Or maybe they saw some fucking UFO or a cow with wings.
Discuss all these stupid things and continue your bitching ways in maybe, Starbucks, and not the library WHERE SILENCE IS GOLDEN.

I was reading my notes,
'appeals to price sensitive consumers and SHE TALKS LIKE THIS, CLASS, I NEVER GOT A B FOR MATH, appeals to price sensitive consumers *inserts alot of laughter* price sensitive consumers.'

I bloody hate people who teh too much, i mean it's okay to act cute and teh with your boyfriend once in a while because guys have a certain liking for girls who does that SOME OF THE TIME.
And there was this girl who kept going like
'Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I dont know howwwwwwwwwWwwww to do thissSSssssssssss. HoWwwWWwwWwwwww?'

I tell you how want?
Go fuck yourself.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 || 7:54 PM

Distilled Water >French Alps
Window seat girl ;)

|| 7:23 AM

Had an awesome conversation with a guest at my place, we were discussing about fashion, reality TV, books, opportunities overseas, degrees and love, with her mother who is my mum's business partner chipping in some of the time making us laugh our asses off.
I exclaimed at the pile of shoes she bought. Yes PILE. And judging from her looks, the way she dresses, and interests, I expected her to be skewed towards the Arts when I asked about the degree she's taking. And guess what, she's actually in Medical school, & she's a scholar, top 3 in Medical school.
Anddddddddd I was likeeeeeeeeeee,
Babe, are you fucking kidding me?
All rounded pretty doctor with a sense of fashion. I always admired people who are intellectually inclined.
And, her boyfriend's a lawyer.
I think they belong to the elite group of elites.
Fuck, that disables me to HATE HER THATS THE WORST PART.

Okay drifting away from this,
it's only the second day into the week and it's already a hurricane.
Received 1 good news, & 1 bad news.
And both news has the potential to make or break me.

Been consistent in putting in effort to study, been quite disciplined and this I guess will pay off.

Let's see how everything turns out to be.
But right now, I'm chill ;)

Saturday, June 4, 2011 || 4:32 AM

As Rif says ' i know my worth.'

Friday, June 3, 2011 || 8:40 AM

I cannot fully utilize my blogspot because I am unable to share a very significant amount
of things which I'd rather choose to keep private.
Would opt for the traditional pen and paper, even though literal writing doesn't really appeal to me.
Will continue to blog in this space though, but would only share the more general and non intrusive parts.

This week has been a crazy week. Fair share of good and bad things happening, neutralizing the mix. Those tears which I shed, I would like to label them as tears of strength.
This emotional breakdown reminded me of how much I want this golden opportunity,
but whatever it is, however the results might reflect, I'll always keep in mind that there is a greater scheme of things, and everything happens for a reason.

If i fail this time round, it will only push me to try harder.
It will only push me to prove myself to people and more importantly, myself.
It will only act as a catalyst for me to grow, for me to set my goals in view.