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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Saturday, June 18, 2011 || 12:57 PM

I have no idea why some people feels so comfortable flirting around.
Do they gather a sense of self welled pride when they do so?
Do they feel good?
I really do not understand.
Fuck, if i say anything which has to remotely be associated with romance, I must really have feelings for that someone. I have tried to flirt before, but I felt damn bad. Not because I am leading someone on, I felt bad for myself. I felt extremely disgusted and annoyed. At myself.
These are the people who drastically lowers the initial meaning of certain words, or the impact of sentences or words which -90% of the ears should hear, or hearts should feel.
Words become so bloody cheap because of people like you guys.
Words become so worthless till Chris Medina came up with 'What are words' to slam them in your faces.

Like... this scenario
Male: *passes me a chocolate*
Me: Thanks
Male: *passes me another chocolate* No, this one, I feed you.
Can i feed you?
Me: ..... What the fuck?

Or like, people who isn't even close to me texting me, saying they miss me.
Fuck off.
Fuck very very far away from me.
These are the people who probably have a group contact called, maybe 'People I flirt with'. And under this group, they probably have like, 30 names, and when they feel lonely, or bored, they will mass send a text which says something like.
'Hi... How are you? I miss you. Do you miss me?

Gosh, please, start to be true to yourself.

Anyway, on a much much much much much much much lighter note,
I think i.... am starting to ....

It's 4.40AM & I gotta wake @ 8AM to meet Jeff to rockclimb.
Now the question is.........