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Wednesday, June 8, 2011 || 9:44 AM

It looked like spikes of ice in the cold, lost frozen sea.
Now it looks like grass, in the plain wilderness.

I love having quality conversations.
Yet another round, with my uncle & my brother.
I have always known milk as a great agent for relieving gastric discomfort. But today, I understood how it worked, and that it serves as a short term relief, and that the first batch of milk from cows expedite the healing process.

I always thought chicken legs contains clumps of fat, but it's actually full of collagen.

And cartilage against cartilage is 10 x more slippery than ice on ice.

Bypass surgery harvests leg veins O.O


Package of love.

Anyway, was studying in the lib and there was this crowd of students sitting beside me.
And i thought it was alright for them to discuss their work so long they do not disrupt other people's thought processes by keeping their volume down since 90% (beside that 10% of annoying oranges) of the people there were either reading or studying.
But their voices got louder and LOUDER AND LOUDER.
and there were more people, and more people AND MORE PEOPLE joining their orange gang.
They had notes on their tables, and they were discussing crap, like imitating how their teachers talk for like 5 minutes, then back to their notes for 3 minutes, then their nonsense for 5 other fucking minutes.
I seriously don't give two bloody hoots if they wish to disrespect their teachers, or even if they end up discussing about their friend making out with their friend's boyfriend.
Or maybe they saw some fucking UFO or a cow with wings.
Discuss all these stupid things and continue your bitching ways in maybe, Starbucks, and not the library WHERE SILENCE IS GOLDEN.

I was reading my notes,
'appeals to price sensitive consumers and SHE TALKS LIKE THIS, CLASS, I NEVER GOT A B FOR MATH, appeals to price sensitive consumers *inserts alot of laughter* price sensitive consumers.'

I bloody hate people who teh too much, i mean it's okay to act cute and teh with your boyfriend once in a while because guys have a certain liking for girls who does that SOME OF THE TIME.
And there was this girl who kept going like
'Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I dont know howwwwwwwwwWwwww to do thissSSssssssssss. HoWwwWWwwWwwwww?'

I tell you how want?
Go fuck yourself.