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Thursday, July 14, 2011 || 10:32 AM

I am truly a blessed girl.
I feel blessed because there are friends around me who will actually make the effort to constantly make time for me, making sure I am remembered, loved and appreciated.
My closer friends, they are either working full time, or currently in the midst of grappling with their final years, or busy with their university preparation.
It's nice that at some point at their busy lives, my friends whom I genuinely care for occasionally stop in their tracks, and do small stuffs which shows me that the friendship is a two way flow.
It's comforting to know that despite the hustle and bustle of life, at some point of time during the day, my friends are actually thinking of me, & vice versa.

I mean, receiving texts like
'Hey sunshine, how's everything with ya?' , 'Sup Jac! Having a great time with your projects?', 'Hope you welcome thursday with your arms wide open, love.'
really, really really brightens my day up.

I feel really appreciated, despite not being the great friend I am supposed to be. My flaws trickles down the list on and on. I feel blessed, for the fact that despite being an individual whom has lots to improve on, my friends truly accept me for who I am.
I'm someone who has very high expectations of the people around me to be honest. I expect my friends to be independent, would appreciate if they have far sighted goals, etc etc. But many times, I tend to be overly critical, and lose sight at the fact that not everybody is wired the way I am. Different people live their lives differently, different people has got their own definition of happiness. Edmund is someone who is very very very different from me, but he is also someone whom i can talk about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING and he will never be judgmental.
He's very easily satisfied and this allows me to slow down my pace of life and learn to appreciate the finer things in life.
So thankful I have such an awesome friend in my life.

Anyway, met up with Jeff & Lingyu with dinner just now, was talking about how much we all have changed from 10 years ago. Our haircuts, personalities, academic achievements, passions, zest in life, etc etc. Sidetracking lol, we were never in the same secondary or primary school, we didnt have such fortunate linkage, the fact that we're able to sustain our friendship speaks aplenty ;)

Jeff & Lingyu kept making fun at my childhood sport. It was quite a rare sport back then. Still not very popular with Asians. My mum introduced the sport to me & my siblings. Baseball. Besides catching, blind men buff, rollerblading, & nonsensical games I make up myself, I used to play baseball alot with my family (and other kids who would pester to join HEHEHEHE)
Imagine a 10 year old whom barely reached the 110CM mark dragging her bat across the field.
Now i wonder, where is my lovely wooden bat which smells of grass & soil?

Jeff was a very dim kid, he was constantly being scolded and caned by our tutor. I remembered being the bully in our tuition center, I was constantly asking people to show me their pencil cases (lol i was very fascinated with stationary). And i would ask them to give me something which catches my eye. Nobody would ever say no. LOL. Cuz i was like the teacher's pet or something, I was a very ba(4) dao(4) girl. I kept poking him cuz i'm sitting on the second row, he was sitting on the front. Kept poking and poking and poking him, and demanded he give me his stationary LOLLLLLL!!!!

Lingyu, is always my partner in crime ;)
It's like, I always have her back, and she will always have mine.

Lol, so now, fast forward 10 years after, many things have changed, circumstances in life which has molded us for who we are right now, our strive to do well in life, to be successful, to never settle for anything we deem as second has again, bonded us in an entirely different manner.
The two will never FAIL to remind me of how much a tyrant I was back then. Lingyu thinks it's funny how a bully could be fitted in such a small frame, behind the geeky oval spectacles I had. Not forgetting the hairstyle I sported - MUSHROOM HEAD till MY EARS.
Ugly is a compliment to that seriously. Even photoshop wouldnt have made me look better.

Now, when I'm climbing with Jeff (Lingyu will be joining us - HIP HIP HURRAY!)
He will always set difficult routes for me while bouldering, and while climbing high walls, when Im stuck midway & in a desperate attempt for him to belay me down, he will say something like
'Last time .... i was always bullied by someone... So....'

All in all, I'm so so so glad, my two friends here are doing so well in life.
Continue to strive, and continue to be the awesome people you already are.
I'm so so so proud of you two :)

Pictures over the past week...

Espically when there's lots of golden mushrooms and cheese tofu with chinchaluk!!!!