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Sunday, August 14, 2011 || 6:01 AM

I was having dinner with Ed the other day, & he told me about some of his bunk happenings which I find quite shameful. No offense to any NS men, I'm just sharing what I heard.

(Digressing, we had Thai food!!!)

Okay anyway,
His particular bunk are made up of boys (I won't say they're men) mostly in their 20s.
He told me that in his particular bunk, there is this Indian recruit who is always being left out/ discriminated by the rest of the pack.
Judging from his tone of voice when he said 'Indian', one can easily sense the negative connotations related to this minority race.
Ed claims that this particular recruit will react very inappropriately when friendliness is shown towards him. Such as, when they had some rifle shooting practice, that particular recruit actually pointed his gun at him.
Sigh, socially awkward individuals.
No surprise he would actually react this way, but keep in mind that this particular reaction is stem-ed from the reality of his minimal interactions with people. They are unable to leverage themselves to meet the acceptable standards of communal behavior, because they simply do not know how to.
Why can't we be kinder to these people?
Do you know how much of a hard time they're having?
I say that, because I know of such people, and most of them are usually very appreciative if you actually just, TRY to be nice to them, which is really, the basic of being human.
They know for themselves they're repulsive, they do not need to hear other people's laughters and taunting to re-confirm that.
It's nice, always nice to laugh with your friends, but at the expense of someone else?
What a warped sense of humor you have there.
Ed said he doesn't understand why that particular guy is always tired, how he would always head to bed when the rest of the bunk mates would gather to play Monopoly Deal.
Well, that's because the rest of the mates have already formed an identity, a 'clique', something he's unable to relate to, no matter how much he tries, because his actions or reactions would probably be deemed as 'weird' anyway.
The worst thing is, they would do things like, putting 5 ladders around his bunk bed (double-deck), to 'trap' him in.
Shall not comment on their level of maturity.

This reminds me of incidents which my brother went through when he was in secondary school. His classmates would do things like, throw his pencil case away, dump his bag somewhere, leave his bottle hanging on the highest corner in the classroom. I never got to know about these happenings till he told me years after it happened.
I remembered feeling sad, angry, and fiercely protective.
But I was silently proud of his ability to withstand such bullying, by being patient and tolerant.
He has already triumphed over his classmates by expressing these qualities.