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Saturday, August 6, 2011 || 10:56 AM

Timecheck : 2.09AM

Just got back from Kovan Macs, studied for abit, got a pretty interesting encounter.
My brain's pretty groggy from absorbing too much, so I put aside the textbook & went on to some light reading. Pretty much the second best choice I've got at that point of time.
It's this book discussing about the psychology of evil (People of the lie) by the very lovely Dr Scott Peck. Sidetracking, whenever I read this book, the contents and thought processes reflected always strikes an uncanny resemblance to my own. It's pretty worrying at first I guess. But my traits are more of the subtle less pressing ones, it can be described more of a flicker than a full fledged flame. I suppose everybody would have these 'symptoms' as well, I would like to think that it's innate...
After all i'm a pretty decent individual, or so I propose.
Anyway I think it's alarming because the word 'evil' was used in the text. If a different word was adopted, I guess it would have a more spongey impact.
But thats probably not the intention of the author. Mmm okay.

Back to what I wanted to say.
There was this old man who sat next to me, and probed into the books on my table.
Shared with him the title i was reading, plus the ancient looking International Marketing textbook on the table. (which is almost decomposing lol.)
He asked if I was alone, I nodded and he went on to sing praises about Singapore's level of security...
(Which I agree to the fullest extend. Okay sidetracking again, this reminds me of a conversation I had with Jacq Choo. She asked me the other day the factors I hold dear to when looking for a country to settle in... And I must say, security is something almost every Singaporean is taking granted for.)
Back to the topic again...

He asked me why I'm reading a psychology book & i said that bla bla bla it's relevant in life, love to hear other people's perception on why people do, bla bla bla...
And then he asked me... if i believe in God
My answer : Oh yes of course I do. I believe in a higher power.
He replied, asking ' So which religion are you in?'
My answer : 'Oh, I'm not in any religion. I don't believe in an organized religion. Guess I pretty much follow my conscience'

He said something along the lines of do not trust the conscience too much, because it is flawed.

Errr okay, then... Mr, next best option?
We don't have a tangible manual to decide what to do, or what not to do. So we're given this gift of moral judgement.
Everybody's conscience is working, it's just that some people choose to work AGAINST their conscience. They IGNORE their conscience, or that they come up with 1001 excuses to dismiss it, but the 1001 excuses, are only working along their own selfish lines.

And then he said that I'm still young, and that probably when I grow older, I'd have obvious spiritual needs, & I'd start my quest in finding the truth.

I was thinking at that point of time, that if he knew my family's background, he'd have taken his words back...
But mmm okay, we'll see about that.

Then he left, asking if I want his chips.


I bought eucalyptus, lemon grass & greentea + lemon aroma oils!
Eucalyptus reminds me sooooo much of Adelaide... Smelling the woody-minty scent painted memories of me crushing the plant's leaves in Kangaroo Island...
Miss Adelaide so much...