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Friday, September 9, 2011 || 10:35 AM

Even before looking at these adverts,
I've already conditioned to pair Volkswagen with the following status : 'a company with brilliant marketing'. Why so? Because whenever I study for my papers, the marketing and branding textbook would always cite their campaigns, videos and advertising material.
Friends have always been posting their videos on Facebook as well.
Volkswagen's ability to attract attention, arouse interest and create a desire in my opinion largely stems from the fact that

01. They have the ability to gather iconic figures to advertise for them. We all know that Karl Lagerfeld is a very pardon me (anal) man with sky rocket standards. He will never amount to advertising for a company because of the few minutes of on screen glamour and monetary returns because he already has too much of a surplus of both. Volks's history of good branding made the big shots want to work with them. In addition, these figures starred are also the epitome of goodness in their respective fields. E.g. Karl Lagerfeld = Fashion & Style. John Mayer & Slash = Music.

"Karl Lagerfeld is like the Einstein of high fashion."

— Abbey Lee Kershaw

02. Volks emphasizes on different aspects in their different commercials. They allow consumers to veer and garner their attention to the unique selling points of their cars. They do not plonk everything in a shot to their audience. Volks way of doing things allow consumers to digest the information, and retain these points in their memory.

o3. Sometimes, Volks advertising does not have a direct linkage to their products. It allows consumers to think what the intended message should be. It might translate to many different results but that's okay but at least it ENGAGES the audience. It's something like the, Cadbury eyebrows advert some time back. It's so impactful I'm sure you know which I'm talking about. If you don't, it's time for you to get out of your cave...
Such adverts encourages parodies as well, which might be negatively viewed but hey, it helps generate people to talk about it. This viral nature will ultimately positively impact the company because of the amount of people reached.

Allright, enough of my advert talk.
I'm gonna go drink a cup of hot milk and HIT THE BED