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Thursday, September 8, 2011 || 9:39 AM

Managed to catch up with some old friends dating way back to secondary school in recent evenings. It’s nice to have conversations with people who have seen you grown- literally, mentally and emotionally. What’s really pleasant is the fact that people are forking precious time out of their busy lives, to gather for a bit and play their part in sustaining the intangible bond. It’s heartwarming to eat and chat, reminiscence and laugh over the memories we had. Hearing about the paths people have chosen, courses they decided to dedicate themselves to, big leaps one have taken – giving up medicine for theater studies.
‘I just, really, CANNOT imagine myself doing something I dislike.’
Wouldn't settle to be one of the busy worker bees reporting to some phantom queen. Hey, don’t you think this sound exactly like something which will come out of an ATC-ian? We live to do and pursue careers we find joy and seek pride in. We live to be happy, and money is only one the factors for choosing a career. I’m proud to be an Andersonian, and I’m proud to be from the Anderson Theatre Circle and I’m proud to have taken drama as my O level subject because I know the people who have came out of this all emerged out to have generous minds; and we are never afraid to do things which are not deemed as conventional.

I think I tasted yet the best chicken rendang too! And lovely meringues which tasted a little like nougat.I got my first green packet too! Yippie!!! :)

Anyway, I just left two of my childhood friends. We were on our yearly quest to visit our tuition teacher who has taught us from kindergarten to primary school! We were constantly pointing items out which seemed familiar from our childhood. I'm so proud of my friendship with LY & Jeff :)