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Wednesday, December 14, 2011 || 5:38 AM

I have a new habit while reading books or flipping through magazines.
I take pictures of quotes and images and contribute it to my personal visual dairy to remind myself of what once inspired me, what once made sense to me, of what once I could relate to.

And this is something which I snapped, while reading The Teen Vogue Handbook

Quoted by Alexander Wang:

The other day, we were sending my sis off to somewhere in rural India to help revamp a library.
The ability of SMU students to plan, negotiate, source and churn up an well-thought itinerary solely by themselves makes me applaud. I don't know how they do it but they seem to have pretty good ties and relationships with airlines, financial policies, and strangers 2,200 miles away.

So anyways, my family (minus my dad. *sigh* work is stealing him away from us) took this opportunity to have dinner together at the airport. My mum asked me about my plans after polytechnic life. And it led to this conversation
Me: I have been doing research on my part and I have already decided on a particular university. It's in New York though. (And then I told her about FITNYC, credibility, school fees and living expenses,
Mum: Why not study in local or private unis?
Me: Because I want to be where the opportunities are. When I say opportunities, I am talking about networking, people, jobs, course structures and the fact that New York IS a fashion city.
You have to be where the opportunities are, and you should only learn, and study from the very best.

And guess what my mum said?
My mum later, uttered these words, which has since been became my source of motivation for doing almost anything and everything.

I am starting a new service line for the company, and I am hoping you will be able to help me out. You just have to collaborate with me, and we will work together for two years.
And two years later, i will make sure you are in New York.

However, I'm keeping a mental note that anything and everything can happen in the premise of 'now to then', but I'm hoping, that this will eventually and ultimately iron itself out. With consistent effort and passion on my part, of course. Not forgetting the big 'D' i have to tuck daily into the left pocket of my shirt.