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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Thursday, February 16, 2012 || 9:59 AM

For the past 2 months or so, it has been a crazy hetic work rush to juggle FYP report deadlines, IJ submissions, presentations, & preparation of the end semester tests.
Now it's all cleared off the list, i should be feeling happy right? But i'm not.
Today, it'd be the unofficial last day of me (and the rest of the RMT cohort) stepping out of the gates, taking the bus from the TP bus-stop, eating from Biz Park (the last thing i bought was potato salad. Kaye bought kaya toast). I actually miss the rush of meeting packed schedules, stipulated deadlines, cramming of info into my brain - feeling empowered by knowledge.

Feeling empowered, and widening your mental capacity is very important.
I have already mentally marked down notes not to let myself float stale, I will continue to feed my brain food - be it through books, articles, or maybe reading up on relevant texts which I will need for my next course of studies (which will take place in either a year,or two's time)

And then there is another huge problem. Which school, and what course should I go into?!?!
I'm alternating around merchandising, marketing and public relations. My initial plan was to enter merchandising, but now... i'm thinking of marketing as well. Merchandising's more niche, and there is less competition. Maybe i shouldn't think that the competition would be any slacker there, because in the world of business there will NEVER be any lesser competition. In fact, little competition when brought into business, still kills.

For marketing, there's no need to mention how intense rivalry is. Porter's 5 might be drawn up based on the actual subject's positioning. Hah =.=

And then, where should i study? I initial thought of NYC, but now as i'm doing more and more research, i'm actually pretty open to other options such as Hong Kong, Canada and UK besides US.

Sigh, choices choices choices.
Which is the right choice? Why must we always live in the brink of uncertainty?

One thing i blame myself was being so short sighted when i was in Year 1 &2. Mostly fooled around in school, getting average marks, or maybe even below average. How could i turn up for exams and tests not understanding so many things? It was sheer luck i wheezed through papers, BY A THIN MARGIN.
If only i worked hard from the very beginning, i would have done so much better.
Bucked up in the final year, and so far, it has reaped so much positive results.
I got all As for presentation, 2 As for IJ, 1 B, & 1 B+. Not too bad for me, even though it could be written better.
I'm pretty confident for the papers as well(unless if i sidetrack unknowingly, but i really do not think so...) However for my FYP, i'm not too sure. Hopefully, it won't go too bad...
(*please*!!!! *prays*)
My group won a business concept award!!!

When i get back my final results, i'll start to mass apply for unis, & hopefully i'll get a positive answer. This time round, I will promise myself to be, and do my very best. I'm tired of being average already anyways... I know i might sound like my ego is inflated, but i really do think i am capable of being much better.

When i graduated from secondary school, peers who entered the same school is able to go to JCs like Hwa Chong, Raffles, National etc. And now, the same people who entered the same secondary school are also going into top unis in the world. Unis like London School Of Econs, Yale, Manchester...

I believe in my intellect level, it's just that i am too lazy. I'm going to change that.
Starting next week, I'd be taking up a 10 day course to obtain a cert which will then grant me official authorization to start working for my mum. I have already decided what portion of my paycheck would go to. Need to stick to it. 50% -> saving for overseas uni, 20% -> pocket money 20% -> put aside for investing - shares, 10% -> fuel.

Been researching, and decided that it's time for me to invest. Of course I'd approach my brother, & parents for advice. They are the ones who have experience, and have more analytical minds. It would be categorized as 'money which i can afford to lose' These 'assets' would stay stagnant.

Hopefully when i work for my mum, there would be minimal conflict. I must remember that if there are any instances which I would want to speak up, i must bear in mind what my dad loves to remind me 'Remember whose the boss, she's the one giving you your paycheck.'
Professionalism is key.
Professionalism is key
Professionalism is key


Just thought this was something sweet to share.
When i first entered TP, my first group of friends consisted of Kaye, Weilin, Weijie & Kewei.
When i walked out of school just now, it was with them too :)

Watched Cleopatra just now, these keep getting stuck in my mind:
as lovers revive in kisses and the promises of spring
which will end the winter world with new nightingales calling

Change, is the only constant
might not be exactly what you thought it might be, but it might just be
beautiful changes

People who has made these 3 years a wonderful one
(Thank you kaye, weilin, weijie, kewei, jason, mich, kel, sky, elynn, pam, yion, hafiz, rebecca, alicia, fidelis, jasreel, laidi, cheryl, sunran, jieying, angel, wenqin)