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It's bitter to know. It's better to know
Saturday, March 31, 2012 || 10:32 AM

I must not be selective about what I read. Only if i get out of my comfort zone to absorb something new, then can i gain more insights & knowledge. Who knows, I might find myself spiraling towards a new found interest :)


Was thinking about Marks & Spencers blueberry oatmeal cookies today, and Fizz was telling me he's gonna bake red velvet. The nearest outlet is pretty far, so i decided to do my own!
Baked about 4 batches. Pretty crazy right? Family ate about a batch, gave about another to friends. The rest would serve as my alternative healthy snacks!(okay maybe not exactly as healthy as eating raw nuts and grains, but still... Give me some credit!)

If you're not keen to read a draggy story, skip this:
Mmm.. Went to visit my derma today and something pretty nasty happened. I registered and told the staff behind the counter that I am here to collect two different batches of medicine. One for myself, the other for my brother who isn't here. They went through my history card and told me that it would be better if i re-consult the doctor, to determine if i should get something different, etc etc.
I agreed. I mean, why not right?

So, the counter staff probably dug out me & my brother's history card and gave it to the clinic assistant (the one who is always in there with the doctor). {I'm assuming here, but the routine should be something along these lines} I think there's some miscomm. between the counter & clinic assistant because the clinic assistant called out for my brother's name. I think his card was in with mine because the counter staff wanted the doctor to review if i could collect the additional repeat medicine for my brother. Before i went into the doct's room, i told the clinic assistant that the name she called out is actually my brother, but he isn't here, and that I'm Jacqueline Koh.
She smiled and nodded her head, so i thought she understood the situation.
When i went into the doct's room, the card lying on the table was still my brother's so i pointed that out cuz the doctor called me 'Jun Wei' instead of 'Jacqueline'...

And the doct scolded the clinic assistant in front of me because the clinic assist job was to get the correct medical cards on her table (Which is pretty shameful and terribly embarrassing for the assistant). The doctor asked her to stop standing there and get herself busy. (But a clinic assistant's job is mainly to stand there and call out names, and pass cards to the dispensary isn't it? I know there's a broader job scope, but mainly the above mentioned forms largely it, isn't it?)
So, she went 'out' to the dispensary area, to find stuff to do i guess, and to get out of the room which was nearly tipping over with tension.
So, the consultation went on for a couple of minutes, and the doctor said something like
'So how's your back acne? Is it better already?'
And i'm like .... 'Uh... I don't have back acne.'
So, i looked at the card again, and it was the wrong card again...It was someone called Tiffany or something... And i pointed that out (No choice, had to what, right?) and the doctor flared up, called the assistant in and scolded her, commenting that she never gets anything right...

The doctor apologized to me and i just kept telling her it's okay and that she shouldn't worry about it.
After i stepped out of the room, i could see the doctor walking to the dispensary area and asked which staff registered me. One of the staff raised her hand and she too got scolded. When the doctor went into her room, i went to the dispensary area and apologized if there was any miscommunication. The staff apologized to me and rambled on about how blur the clinic assist is, and how she can't seem to get anything right, how she kept calling wrong names....
When she said that, the clinic assistant (as she was 'shoo-ed' out from the doct's room), was very very near her. She could definitely hear what the other girl said....
The other girl went over to her, and slapped her back with a file she was holding and asked her to get back in the doct's room. She went out of the dispensary, but she didn't go into the doct's room, she went to the toilet instead. And i think she hid there and cry because she was in for a long time.

At that point of time, i felt so bad for the assist... If only people could be more considerate of other people's feelings. It's okay for the doctor to scold, but she could have done it more tactfully, said her words in a more respective tone and could have used sparing words. Better still, she should have reserved the lecture to a time when it is more appropriate, like when both of them are alone. And the other girl, was just downright rude, insensitive and disrespectful.