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Monday, April 30, 2012 || 8:28 PM

Gorgeous claw x pearl rings by Disaya.

The bottom right one reminds me of an oyster opening up it's shell, holding it's treasure preciously in it's grip.

The world is your oyster. 


Happy May Day! 

|| 9:24 AM

I would have loved you very much, but either one of us was born in the wrong era.

happy taste buds
Friday, April 27, 2012 || 6:29 AM

I had a taste of heaven at about 3+ PM at work today.
Well, for a girl like me who has a really sweet tooth, it was almost close to heaven for that three seconds.
DJ Maddy Barber - a friend of my boss who is a very pleasant lady came to the showroom and brought along these tasty sweet treats. 
The cuppys look pretty normal. But boy, biting into these goodness is the first step to being an absolute convert. (And i'm not even kidding)
(And I'm being so obsessed just after trying out ONE flavor, i heard there's the peanut butter ones, red velvet ones..)

Le sigh.

And guess what, my absolute lovely babe whom i share beds with on Fridays nights when I was in Shanghai texted me and told me that Marks & Spencers has got a bakery now! And off i rushed after work, to check this wonderland out. M&S has got the best confectionery ever. (Except for their super sticky percy pigs. Can;t seem to bite through them. Perhaps they should use super sticky percy pigs as condoms - pregnancy rates would definitely see a drop, and aftermath of sex would be extra tasty as well)

Super hyped to see my granola bars and chocolate chip cookies! I remembered walking along West Nanjing Rd munching on these goodies. M&S should really open a cafe here as well though. Miss their avacado prawn salad. Yum!!! I miss Shangri La's avacado prawn salad too! Maybe i should try making my own myself. 

// Thought catalog, here i come! 

Visual diary of lust
Thursday, April 26, 2012 || 7:34 AM

Do Brazil 18-karat gold-plated bracelet
Two-tone leather sandals

YSL Ring
Paillette-embellished silk top

 Maeve embellished leather sandals
Braided leather sandals

Katie two-tone leather wrap bracelet
 Leather and patent-leather wedge sandals 
Tri-color suede platform sandals


 Tribtoo suede pumps

Merry leather sandals
Fleur leather sandals
Printed twill top
Sheer tie-dye silk tank
Ikat-print silk-blend straight-leg pants
Satin wide-leg pants

Lari Ocean bandeau swimsuit
Embellished satin tunic
Floral-print silk wide-leg pants
Rosine printed silk shrug
Christian Louboutin Heels
Salvatore Ferragamo
Bag with Gold Plated Sides 
The Only Son
Top with Organza Back Panel
Belted Silk Midi Dress

Khoon Hooi
Faux Fur Statement Necklace
Khoon Hooi
Silk Ikat-fragment Necklace

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 || 7:07 AM

Behind the scene images from the latest photo-shoot! 
The model had absolutely no airs, and was fantastic to work with! She also has a most gorgeous smile. 
While trying to portray a cute geeky look,  I thought Anne Hathaway came out of the screen of Princess Diaries. On other angles, she reminds me of Angelina Jolie. 



"The English language doesn’t contain the vocabulary to express different levels of love—instead using one abstract word to encompass the entire complicated spectrum of human emotion. In Spanish, love between family is separated from love between spouses. In Greek, there are four distinct terms, each with its own meaning. Working with such a limited capacity for expression, it’s no wonder our society as a whole appears to perpetually be in turmoil over the concept of love. We’re in constant pursuit of it, yet question it when we experience it; herald it’s beauty, yet fear that we will be left broken in its wake. Love becomes a contradiction. It simultaneously becomes the root of our joys and our woes."

Sunday, April 22, 2012 || 3:40 AM

Headed over to my tall, tanned & lovely's apartment for a date way overdue. Shared with me stories about her trips to France where she her boyfriend is currently located, agonies about a long distance r/s, the little forest in the apartment, museums, and when she was speaking about the shopping streets, i just kept thinking of rustic pathways paved with bricks, reflecting vintage glamour and fashionable people scurrying around. Gold metal door handles opened by white gloves, greeted by pleasant smells.

'I miss you even before you were gone...'

Pretty weird how life turns out to be, you never really know which deck of cards life deals you. A current bad situation can reflect positive light in the future. 
We're always on the brink of the unknown
I remembered three years back, we were huddled together, feeling upset over boys. How she wept on the stairways on Nabins. But look! A love lost brought us onto the route to better prospects. Would have never thought marriage would be  in one of the cards that fast though. 

Chatted with Uncle Tony a little about investing in stocks. Gave me a little insight about how things work, and an advice which would go very far, although it's constructed in simple words. 'Do not be greedy.'
Thank you for this.

Sweetie's nieces came over for a visit. Beautiful little ones :)
I was flipping through a magazine, and they pointed out women who are scantily clad and asked 'Do they feel no shame?'
They also asked why I have tattoos, and what the process of having one is like.
"Needles, puncturing the skin, ink will go under skin"
"Was there blood?"
"Yeah, not too much..."
"How much? One bucketful?"
"No dear, one bucketful would be like giving birth. Probably 5 tissuesful?" (Exaggerating so that it would seem more painful to enhance the negative perception towards inking oneself)
"Why do you want to hurt yourself like this?"

How can i explain to them i enjoyed the pain? I do, i really do. It's like massaging. Massaging can be really painful, but it feels good at the same time. How can i tell them that those are beliefs I hold onto without letting them have a linkage between their perceived pain and beliefs?

So i said something like 'Yeah... It was painful, so do not do it okay?'
Such lovely cuties.

Sweetie bought me a pretty notebook from a museum there, and a wallet. It makes me happy to receive presents. Not because i am materialistic, but would it not warm your heart to know that your friend is thinking about you even when she's miles apart? :)


Am going to the airport to send one member of our precious 十三号家庭 off.


Thursday, April 19, 2012 || 7:12 AM

Sigh, Mileti Swimwear is so underrated.
So many women out there haven't even heard of the brand. I haven't either, until a few weeks ago. Now i'm a convert. Of course when you're in the neighborhood swimming pool, it's good to have your Speedos on for a great underwater workout. But when you're going out of town for a short getaway, here are some pieces which you should chuck into your luggage - alongside with your kaftans throw-overs.

Safari inspired swimwear, corset structured ones, peek-a-boo details for the vain ones who likes to be different on the sandy beaches.

But of course, they also have the more basic range - Two piece bikinis, halternecks, etc.
How do they differ from the rest? (The color palette, detailing and of course the quality!!!)

Fashion on the beach baby!

Mileti is priced at $60ish to $100ish. (Which is super affordable right?!!)
*Stocked at http://www.shopthemag.com

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 || 7:01 AM

The other day, Ed came over to my place to brew up storms in the kitchen. I always knew he was a pro in cooking, but didn't know he was THAT good. We had a few items on our list, but decided to settle for salted egg crab (because he hadn't tried it before) and sambal kang kong (because i didn't have it for ages!!!)

I raided my kitchen for the ingredients i needed, and then asked him to bring over the ones i didn't have. Went to the nearby grocery store to load up with stuff both of us were lacking and headed back home for the cook-off! Azry joined us a while later too. We did the prep work together, he taught me how to kill and wash the crab....
'You know you see fighting scenes on dramas right, just poke and twist'
Then he started cooking like a boss!!! He didn't have to follow any recipes, and he hadn't even ate salted egg crabs before - much less cook them. It's his first, and he made it seem so.... smooth and easy.

Then it was my turn to cook the kang kong, but guess what, Azry came, and we were teasing him being a bummer. Just in time to enjoy the food without helping and he volunteered to cook.
So i didn't cook at all! (*sigh of relief*)

Anyways, the food was superb. The kang kong and salted egg crab both tasted like zi char stalls. I even ate every single curry leaf down from the crabs. Awesome max!

Then it was time for dessert. Our dessert was like canned peaches and fruit cocktails.
I'm so ashamed to say this, but I have no idea how the can opener functions. Asked Ed for help and he taught me how to use it....
So useless, but hey, at least now i know! New skill acquired!
In my defense, at least i washed everything up! I am a complete idiot in cooking, but at least i am willing to wash :(

The three of us went to my room, and I wanted to transform Azry into a hippie pirate. I drew his eyes with thick eyeliner, gave him lots of colorful headgear and necklaces to wear. Yeah... I was sort of playing dress up with two dudes.
Azry & Ed wanted to 'make-me-over' as well, so I handed my makeup to them, and i realized they transformed me into a dude (not that i am exactly feminine now but...)
I know you don't exactly need a mascara to turn someone into a dude, but i think Ed was just casually playing with it, and man, he's good with that wand man... I swear he can apply mascara better than me! Even the bottom lashes, no smudges - at all! And it's his first time (I think so...) using it! And Azry & I transformed Ed into... a girl =.= It was HILARIOUS. He complained about the way i drew his eyeliner, and he REQUESTED to have fake lashes on - then complained them to be a nuisance.

So frigging hilarious. I asked my brother to take pictures of us and he burst out laughing.
So retarded right?!

a letter to myself
Monday, April 16, 2012 || 6:44 AM

I remembered my current boss saying something like
'Most people quit their jobs after a short period of time. They don't stay in their jobs long enough to actually be good in it.'
These words constantly serve as a reminder for me that if one wants to be successful, one would have to invest a good deal on their part as well.

You know, I have always wanted to do something time capsule related. When i was in primary school, I wanted to write a letter to myself and only read it 5 years later. In secondary school, the exact same thoughts were revisited, but yet trashed aside, conveniently forgotten.
Right now, i'm harboring the same idea again. I think i would probably do it during the weekends in somewhere quiet and comfortable. (I hope i would get down to achieving this really.)
It's funny though, when i was younger, whenever i thought of a time capsule, my mind fabricated images with the likes of sand, trees and pits. I think i wanted to bury it, which would probably get peed on by dogs & cats.
But for now, I just want my letter to my 5 years later self to be written down on paper, tightly sealed somewhere in an envelope.

Writing such thoughts largely based and influenced by that fateful particular day's emotions/moods/experiences/events might reel me away from being objective, to being slightly bias. But i think largely, as a whole, but wouldn't it be really interesting to see your cloudy hazy lines of your future being sharpened up as the years go by?
Or the fact that you can roughly predict how you might turn out to be, and your current self is trying to tap into the future to remind the 5 years later self about the important things you should tightly hold on in life?

Food for thought.

Friday, April 13, 2012 || 10:06 PM

Shopthemag.com is launching a B.A.D (Backing Asian Designers) campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to create greater awareness and highlight pieces and designs of Asian Designers.
I believe many Asian Designers would feel that they do not have enough opportunities and support, so much so that this lacking area disables them to reach a certain standing point in the fashion industry.
As much as i love my Louboutins and even though i still feel giddy with excitement whenever i watch a Dolce & Gabanna show, i believe that brands such as Blackheart, Tangram, Reckless Ericka and Disaya amongst many others deserve more recognition.
Much more recognition.
Do you know that Disaya is one of Taylor Swift's favorite labels? And Blackheart is stocked in London's Topshop?

" At the dawn of a new decade, authenticity and individuality are what we crave - not the globally branded " - US Vogue, March 2010
How can you contribute to this cause?

1. Raid your wardrobe! Do you happen to own any Asian Designer items?
If your answer is Yes,
Good for you! Take an outfit picture, and send it to info@shopthemag.com
If you do not own any Asian Designer pieces currently, maybe you could do some research about it, and have a look at their works! You would be blown away, i promise!

P.s, Shopthemag.com stocks an array of wonderful labels in the Asia region ;)

The album compilation of people supporting Asian Designers can be found at http://www.facebook.com/shopthemag
In addition to the photo album, there would be fashion insider interviews as well, which would be uploaded at http://www.shopthemag.com/blog

Listen to what Kenneth Goh, (fashion director of Harper's Bazaar), Silvia Siantar (Fashion celeb blogger), Sheila Sim (Super model), Marc Teng (Celebrity Hair & Make up artist) has to say about the Asian fashion industry!

This is not all yet! There would also be a $1,000 wardrobe giveaway, sponsored by shopthemag.com.
Further details would be unveiled at a later date in Australian celeb blogger site: karencheng.com.au

Mark these sites! B.A.D is the new good ;)
Asian pride FTW!

Thursday, April 12, 2012 || 5:56 AM

Ah now, this is pretty interesting
Did you know...

Columbus had a secret fourth ship — The Ay Papi. Everybody knows about how, in 1492, Columbus set sail for what turned out to be the Americas with his three now legendary ships: The Niña, The Pinta, and the Santa Maria. What has been kept out of the history books, however, is that a less illustrious fourth ship — The Ay Papi — was very much involved in the famed voyage.

Where the first three ships carried an all-male crew of adventurous sailors, The Ay Papi carried 50 of Spain’s highest-priced prostitutes, each appointed by King Ferdinand to keep the men from raping one another and disrupting the discovery of the New World. Unfortunately, most of the sailors contracted syphilis and subsequently went mad, including Captain Columbus himself, which explains why he insisted he had landed in Asia when he had in fact “discovered” The Bahamas.

(Very believable. A very male thing digging into the primitive and natural needs of mankind. If humans do not have a sense of shame and conscience, I bet mankind would be lying on the grass fields, by the lamp-posts, grabbing people of the opposite sex and forcefully make love openly.

Anyways, I heard from some of my friends who are serving the nation that they actually get condoms when they are in Taiwan? And prostitutes would knock on their doors? True/not, mmm. Don't know. )

Just kidding, Columbus did not have a secret fourth ship.

What is happening?
Tuesday, April 10, 2012 || 6:09 AM

I'm feeling pretty heavy hearted ever since i received a text from H this morning. He's hinting that he is planning to leave the country very soon.
Went to his FB to check his posts out. He should probably be on a plane now.
I will miss your random annoying and funny texts, your obsession over repeating song lyrics, and how i would always have to correct your English.
But it's okay, you shouldn't be here, freedom ranger. Go back to the place you belong to, and should i ever visit you, i will keep my word. Road trip, i drive.
I miss you already.

On a lighter note,
Daph & I decided to alternate food from home & eating out because it's just so unhealthy to do the latter. Prepared salad (corn, chestnut, carrots, cucumbers, celery, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, eggs) with a self made olive oil cum honey fusion dressing. Daph prepared sushi with beancurd skin.

Pretty refreshing change ;)

Saturday, April 7, 2012 || 6:36 PM

Over the Easter weekend, I

1. found a sweet little spot in Starbucks, kicked off my slippers and made myself extra comfortable snuggled up on the couch and read The Hunger Games while snacking on a bowl of oatmeal + honey (so healthy right?!?) Feels SO good to be able to catch up on alone/ reading time. Seriously. Should do this on a weekly basis. Now that i'm halfway into the book, I finally understand why my siblings think that the movie fell short of expectations. So many important details weren't captured on film. Ah..

2. chanced upon a serene, quiet mall off the beaten route with white & bfg. Additional perk: they have a lovely bakery selling $1 cinnamon sugar bread sticks! It's comparable to Aunty Anne's! And it's more convenient to munch on cuz it's bite size. Yay! Love the choice of restaurants they got there too.

3. Hopped to Parco. White & I both bought shades. They have an amazing collection there. I bought one which is metallic brown frames with subtle gold rimmed details. Love how it frames my faces so perfectly. Aiming to buy the tortoise shell specs the next time i get there.

4. Went to Wai's flea event. Gotten myself a intricately done up sequinned dress (which would serve as a blouse for me because i'm planning to tie the drapes). LOVE the sequinned details. Love love love it! But it's not very practical because it's really pretty damn sheer. If i layer it, the details would be gone. If i wear it with an outerwear, it'd defeat the purpose too. Sigh. It's okay, it's a beauty in the closet nevertheless.
But pretty luckily, I got myself another steal. A navy blue maxi for lazy days.

5. Punggol water front with Kai& Derrick. There was an event there which was mainly for families though. Carnival, food, games, art, music, sports. It was nice catching up though :)

6. A blogger/stylist came over to the showroom the other day and we had fun dressing up! It's amazing how beautiful she looks even in an overload of colors. Maybe i should should adding more hues into my closet.

7. Slept 12 hours straight. *Mmmmmmmmm*

Missed Peck's hair show event. It's okay, i know that missy would still be strutting and rocking what she is supposed to ;) Just hope her stylists didn't snap away her locks.

Pretty sad, didn't have any chocolate eggs to feast on. But it's okay, the two pints of B&J in my freezer makes up for it ;)

Gonna cook salted egg crab with Ed next week. Yay! (I just hope I don't screw the dish up seriously....)