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a letter to myself
Monday, April 16, 2012 || 6:44 AM

I remembered my current boss saying something like
'Most people quit their jobs after a short period of time. They don't stay in their jobs long enough to actually be good in it.'
These words constantly serve as a reminder for me that if one wants to be successful, one would have to invest a good deal on their part as well.

You know, I have always wanted to do something time capsule related. When i was in primary school, I wanted to write a letter to myself and only read it 5 years later. In secondary school, the exact same thoughts were revisited, but yet trashed aside, conveniently forgotten.
Right now, i'm harboring the same idea again. I think i would probably do it during the weekends in somewhere quiet and comfortable. (I hope i would get down to achieving this really.)
It's funny though, when i was younger, whenever i thought of a time capsule, my mind fabricated images with the likes of sand, trees and pits. I think i wanted to bury it, which would probably get peed on by dogs & cats.
But for now, I just want my letter to my 5 years later self to be written down on paper, tightly sealed somewhere in an envelope.

Writing such thoughts largely based and influenced by that fateful particular day's emotions/moods/experiences/events might reel me away from being objective, to being slightly bias. But i think largely, as a whole, but wouldn't it be really interesting to see your cloudy hazy lines of your future being sharpened up as the years go by?
Or the fact that you can roughly predict how you might turn out to be, and your current self is trying to tap into the future to remind the 5 years later self about the important things you should tightly hold on in life?

Food for thought.