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Wednesday, April 18, 2012 || 7:01 AM

The other day, Ed came over to my place to brew up storms in the kitchen. I always knew he was a pro in cooking, but didn't know he was THAT good. We had a few items on our list, but decided to settle for salted egg crab (because he hadn't tried it before) and sambal kang kong (because i didn't have it for ages!!!)

I raided my kitchen for the ingredients i needed, and then asked him to bring over the ones i didn't have. Went to the nearby grocery store to load up with stuff both of us were lacking and headed back home for the cook-off! Azry joined us a while later too. We did the prep work together, he taught me how to kill and wash the crab....
'You know you see fighting scenes on dramas right, just poke and twist'
Then he started cooking like a boss!!! He didn't have to follow any recipes, and he hadn't even ate salted egg crabs before - much less cook them. It's his first, and he made it seem so.... smooth and easy.

Then it was my turn to cook the kang kong, but guess what, Azry came, and we were teasing him being a bummer. Just in time to enjoy the food without helping and he volunteered to cook.
So i didn't cook at all! (*sigh of relief*)

Anyways, the food was superb. The kang kong and salted egg crab both tasted like zi char stalls. I even ate every single curry leaf down from the crabs. Awesome max!

Then it was time for dessert. Our dessert was like canned peaches and fruit cocktails.
I'm so ashamed to say this, but I have no idea how the can opener functions. Asked Ed for help and he taught me how to use it....
So useless, but hey, at least now i know! New skill acquired!
In my defense, at least i washed everything up! I am a complete idiot in cooking, but at least i am willing to wash :(

The three of us went to my room, and I wanted to transform Azry into a hippie pirate. I drew his eyes with thick eyeliner, gave him lots of colorful headgear and necklaces to wear. Yeah... I was sort of playing dress up with two dudes.
Azry & Ed wanted to 'make-me-over' as well, so I handed my makeup to them, and i realized they transformed me into a dude (not that i am exactly feminine now but...)
I know you don't exactly need a mascara to turn someone into a dude, but i think Ed was just casually playing with it, and man, he's good with that wand man... I swear he can apply mascara better than me! Even the bottom lashes, no smudges - at all! And it's his first time (I think so...) using it! And Azry & I transformed Ed into... a girl =.= It was HILARIOUS. He complained about the way i drew his eyeliner, and he REQUESTED to have fake lashes on - then complained them to be a nuisance.

So frigging hilarious. I asked my brother to take pictures of us and he burst out laughing.
So retarded right?!