"Jacqueline Koh
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012 || 9:56 AM


(Dickson, Yion, Me, Jason, Alicia, Rebecca)
Missing out Josh and Hafiz

I was talking to my boss about a recent suicide which happened opposite her block.
"I think they need either God, or friends in their life."

Thank god, for you guys.
A few of em missing in this picture but hey,
thank you for being so wonderful, and thank you for giving me a reason to love every single one of you.
Especially the one in white.
You always see the better side in me, no matter how much I fail you. This is probably why I keep telling my friends who wants to know what sort of person you are. I always tell them 'She's a true lover. Never met anyone who loves so passionately and truly.'
I also know about the things you have done for me silently. I know it all. I wish i'm able to express myself a little better for you.
Have fun, and keep safe in Milan. 

Jason's leaving for Hong Kong before heading to Aussie to study. Thank you for all the good times.
Smoking buddies - used to run off to staircases to have a puff in between lectures in Year 1 and stink up the entire lecture hall/project group mates/ the one i always love to make fun of, especially when you refuse to shave your beard / running buddy in Year 1/ the one my parents know as 'Hongkee' / all the high-teas, dinner and lunch dates we have/ the one i used to talk bout life and philosophies/ the one who piggybacked me in Lombok/ the one whom i always think about when thinking of who to invite over for steamboats/ fruity beer orderer/ thank you for always accompanying me to flea-markets/ for tanning with me/ drinking over at Bry's place. There's too much to list.
Thank god for Skype, FB & Twitter. 
I'll always want to know how's life on your side. 

Thank you, for all the good times. 
Love you.


On a brighter note, 
to a soulmate, Happy birthday! Thank you for being a twin whom i'll always be able to relate to.

Oh hello, gorgeous.