"Jacqueline Koh
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Sunday, May 13, 2012 || 5:02 AM

Everybody would do everything if they had the fundamental resources necessary. Yeah maybe - you do have to be realistic. Be totally realistic for ten minutes without a break and take note of how you feel. That's the crushing weight of limitations. But the thing about limitations is that there's always a way around them. Not becoming a ballerina because you don't have legs is one thing. Not becoming a ballerina because you don't have a tutu skirt is something else entirely. 

When something feels right, it will be tangible. You will MAKE SURE it becomes tangible. It doesn't be casted off as just 'dreams' anymore. The hazy dreamy state of it will evaporate, and it will become a map,a strategy. You will get off your tiptoes and stop being afraid. You will do it because you will start to live and breathe it. 

When something feels right, even if it's crazy, it's going to make the most sense.


Lately, my dad has been pushing me to enroll into university. However, I'll have to keep my promise and uphold the responsibility I hold to my boss - who is super wonderful anyways because she's funny, patient and super stylish and on top of all, i look up to her and she's not just a queen bee i'm reporting to, she's also my mentor, and friend. Work doesn't really feel like work. 
It would be a year more here (or two years max, depending on whether i'm ready to go) in Singapore before it's hello to New York City!!! My dad was sweet, he said 'You will be successful there.'
My mum would be teaching me how to cook one different dish every week so at least if i'm sick of eating out, I'll have some homemade goodness at home. <3