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Friday, May 25, 2012 || 11:26 AM

Graduation to me, seems like an event which is overly buzzed over and upon. So many people were discussing beforehand what to wear, and there was so much hype over going up on stage to receive the diploma. To me, it was more of a 'breaking out of working life, walking into tertiary grounds and mingle with friends' kind-of-break. When i attended grad, i was constantly telling myself to appreciate this moment, not because it's all so glamorous and that I have achieved a milestone in life. To me, this is a really small milestone, and there should be much more for me to expect upon myself. I told myself to relish this moment because I know that after that very day, after I stepped out of the picture filled with throngs of people,  it also beckons the reality that there would be people - acquaintances I will never meet or hear from/speak to again. I appreciate the magical fact that amongst so many people in this universe, it was him him/ her her whom I met, and had a short connection, and that no matter how powerful the brain is, the conscious will never remember those whom you had spent probably three minutes of your life speaking to. But once, once upon a polytechnic time, there was a connection.

To me, graduation was probably more of this, rather than a celebration of what I have *coughs* achieved. It was more of a celebration of people whom I have connected with, for the shortest period of time. And also, perhaps the fear I felt standing tall in my red stilettos, worrying that they might fall off anytime on stage. It was funny how so many lecturers and even the Wing Tai sponsor told me after the ceremony that 'Hey, you know you are the only girl who wore a pair of red heels!'
Celebratory of the pair of red heels.
(and the aching feet which came afterwards)


Parents and brother are off to China to attend a family friend's wedding. I refunded the tickets and chose to stay in town (Wow...I know right, this is probably the first time I am rejecting a trip...)
It's alright, gotta be more focused on more important things and responsibilities here first. Can't think of play all the time. Will think of that when i think i deserve it..

Need to get some stuff fixed, lappy crashed, literally. A nail broke - but this weighs about 1/10 in the importance scale, a friendship to mend, and my soul to rejuvenate. I think the weekend would be a great help to check some items off this list. 

I also need a white blazer, black blazer, pair of tailored drop crotch pants and change all my hangers to all wooden ones.