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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Sunday, August 26, 2012 || 8:33 AM

Particularly drawn to sweet sugary snacks; caramel, cinnamon sugar, meringues, cakes with good cream (only if they have good cream!) + asian fusion food (indian x malay); even their plain ole fried veggies surpasses normal 'plain ole fried veggies' standards.

They cheer up a bad day, and make a good day even better.
Not too flattering on the waistlines though. But i guess this is where Zumba + pilates comes in. Stretching to tone, but in my mind, stretching to even out the fats so that they will not clump together in one particular area. Zumba, where everyone looks like a fool together and think of how the instructor manage to look so good while the rest of us look like animals trumpeting around (or maybe, just me). Humans are collective creatures, so I like to use the word 'we' and 'everyone'. 

Rant: Am stuck in season 8 of Grey's. I need to continue watching it!!! I wonder how long I will mourn when the entire series end. I'm hoping they will do a patient scenario on reflux (or not since most of their patients die in the end...)

Have decided to forgo FIT because of the fact that it is too good of a school for students looking to major in fashion. (Small pond, big fishes). Their students are the best of the best;  many of them have got years and years of design experience, even in a seemingly business course - merchandising/ marketing, the profs are more visually than theory inclined. I will never be on par with them, and I cannot afford to do 'just fine' or 'average' if my parents are forking out such a ridiculously huge amount of money for my further education. 

Wasted my SGD$200.00 for my application to WES. Ugh. 

Will be trying for three HK unis (HKUST, CUHK & HKPU) instead. The first is largely a goner, the HK equivalent to NUS, but still, I will try. Trying to beat the odds are what I have got now.  For CUHK and HKPU, my GPA is slightly falling short (looking at a gap of 0.2 - 0.3) to fill. Yet again, try I shall. And try I will.
Just hoping that the three recommendation letters from lecturers will work it's charm...
*crosses fingers*

If all fails, then it probably means that I will have to study in Singapore.
(which isn't THAT bad, but not what I have in mind), but beggars can't be choosers, right?