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Sunday, September 30, 2012 || 8:54 AM

 Being on your feet (literally) on 5" wedges for a full day isn't funny at all. Over-estimated my soles' tolerance for dull numbing aches. But thank god it's wedges, and not stilettos, so at least my weight isn't depended solely (haha) on a 2cm x 10cm needle-like point, but spreaded on at least a near to even surface. Funny how too much of something will eventually lead to the backfire of the entire intended purpose. Say the heel situation: High heels causes an upward shift in the center of gravity, giving the wearer better posture. But after  the event, when I went to the Chinese Gardens (which prices are absurd - bing tang hulu for 5$, keychains for 15$. I think the only reasonably priced item was the popcorn at 1.50$), I was slumping and slouching and eventually I took off my shoes and walked on the gravel paths. 

Anyhows, Mainland Chinese must think Singaporeans are an awfully ignorant and rich lot - which they are, judging at how they're throwing money for items which are not supposed to cost that much. I can buy 10 bing tang hulu, and 3 of those keychains on a normal day. 15$ for entrance to the gardens was justified actually not by looking at the spread of Ne Zha's (Side tracking: why did he appear in Mid Autumn Fest ah? I thought it's  when Chang-Er leap into the moon and something along the lines of meeting her lover?) lanterns, but the smiles on two kids faces when me and my friends gave them some free paper lanterns. It's pretty funny to see people walking their 'balloon-dogs' as well. Looks like a balloon fest to me. Oh well, so long you have something extending out from your hands. - Even sparklers will do. 

Yesterday, I realized my inability to write inverted alphabets so i was given the most prestigious and important role of drawing out an 'O', which will never go wrong. I did a pretty damn good job in that! 
While we were doing these, suddenly someone else beckoned me over and told me that he had taken a shot of us, and that it looked really nice. He then continued to shoot while we attempted different letterings and shapes. 

Lastly, hope your last day of Sept went well. Hopefully, October will be kind to all of us! X

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 || 8:39 AM

Sis just got her license. In the car on our way to get her triangle plate. This is the moment where fathers come in; guiding their daughters first official drives. I trot behind, exposing myself to a route of danger. Road bullies have one more new target now. If you see a very tanned 21 year old with shoulder length black scruffy hair, wearing possibly dark colored clothes driving an ugliest shade of blue Audi A6 tackered with the triangle plates concentrating VERY hard on the roads, that's my sis, and yes, you have permission to bump into the car very lightly to say hi.

She has a very good sense of humor, I  promise.

Question though: Why are roses mascots for romance?


Can i also introduce to you the most charming little man ever? 

Thursday, September 20, 2012 || 8:36 AM

I'm blogging this because I have to record this down. There's tons of other things which I should be jotting down for memory sake as well, but this triumphs all others.

My course manager from my polytechnic, he has redefined the meaning of 'going an extra mile for a student.' I actually approached him two weeks ago, to ask if he could write for me a recommendation letter as it would be of great help for my enrollment in unis. I asked around, and the norm - if the student actually has such letters, they will probably have about max two of em. And since my grades are drooping on the lower side, I thought having a bigger quantity and getting a letter from a higher authority would be very helpful. So i asked him if he could assist me in pushing my credentials up a little, and he said yes despite his crazy working and traveling schedules. Am very thankful for that. We actually wanted to arrange a date where I could go back to school to collect it from his office, but plans all fell thru because I am working full time now, and it would clash with my working hours. 

Guess what my course manager actually did? 
He came all the way to my house and gave me my recommendation letters after his work in school. 
You know mostly after work, I will be so lethargic I just want to rot at home, to recharge and have nothing to do. But he came all the way to give me my recommendation letters! He could have easily mailed it, but he just wanted to make sure that I got it on time, and it arrives safely in my hands because he knows how much it means to me. 

I am still in pleasant shock with this act of kindness :)