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Tuesday, October 2, 2012 || 9:29 AM

So, today I came across some interesting reads:
1. Was flipping through 'Today' newspapers while on my way to work, in a small snippet, it says that the size of fishes will shrink by 25% by 2050, because of the rise in global warming. 
It's not that the entire population of fishes will dwindle by a quarter, but the literal size of a fish will be smaller because the lack of oxygen in the water which is vital for the fishes' respiration and growth. (Am i so vertically challenged for the same reason?!)

2. There are businesses out there whose niche is to focus and prepare people on the impending doomsday - in relation to the Mayan calendar. You know, the entire saga of the world ending - some say it's alien invasions, some say it's the poles changing positions, etc etc. Different people have got different beliefs - and amongst these believers, some went as far as to engage professional people to help them prep for this disaster. And it was said that many of their clients are not irrational, delusional people. In fact, a large number of them are very successful individuals who are regarded as a paragon in their respective fields. 

3. And then I saw this on FB. 

And following this, did you have any idea Karl Lagerfeld launched a perfume called 'Paper Passion'? The bottle of aroma smells well, of books, which is basically contains musty vanilla tones which will remind one of huge libraries and halls of silence and knowledge. 

On a seperate note, I have the hottest, gayest, funniest Pilates instructor who adapts the strangest lyrics into forms of motivations for us. But dear instructor, pardon all of us for giving a constipated face to the funny string of sentences coming out from your mouth because everyone is trying to resist giving in to the muscle strains.  

Pretty cupcakes from stitchy! X

The hottest FW'12 runway styles reinterpreted onto nails. By the folks from Manicurious, who are probably the best in the trade, judging from the designs they come up with.