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We're just humans afterall :)
Saturday, November 10, 2012 || 7:36 AM

Went for my cardiac appt today, and I found myself smiling and greeting everyone around me. I mean, everybody is there for a reason; it's most probable they have heart issues. It's dark and gloomy as hell in there, and I just couldn't stand it. Tried to be friendly and showed concern to people within a 1m radius, hoping to send some positive vibes. While waiting for my ECG to be taken, I asked the lady beside me if everything's alright with her. In there, struck off a convo with the ECG techy and we started talking about Club21 sales and the awesomeness of it all. When the nurses were taking my blood pressure and height x weight - reminds me of secondary school P.E days where i will secretly tippy toe a lil hehe, i was extra chatty and this nurse called the other nurses to come check my tribal wedges out because they are 'so colourful and high' bwahaha! It's nice the snacks shoppe uncle tried to make an effort to be nice to everyone there as well - he said good morning to every single person who walked by. Sweeeeet! 

And when I was in the shuttlebus which route's smthg like National Heart Centre -> National Eye Centre -> SGH Main Drop Off -> National Cancer Centre -> Outram Park MRT
I found myself reeled into focus the people who alighted and got on the bus at different stops. The man who got on the National Cancer Centre stop probably has a limited time left on Planet Earth - 2,3 years maybe? Everything seems different when you know what's going on, and the difficulties you think one is having - you tend to be much kinder, and understand that we are all just humans. Such fragile beings. And then I think, many of us will think that a man who gets diagnosed with cancer, he is just really unlucky. But is he really? What about the residents of New York who got struck by Hurricane Sandy? They were all healthy the day before, and a few hours later, they all perished in the wrath of nature just because it happened so. 

It's important to be nice to people around you, you never know what kind of fight they are battling. Life is tough enough, be kind :)